Friday, 23 March 2007

A WEEK old!!!!

I took these on Tues 13th March, when the Quads were exactly a week old. They still have their eyes shut but are big and fluffy!! They are all growing well with big full tummys and a thin, hungry Mummy who is living proof of how much they are eating! She's still an adoring Mum and doesn't leave the box for more than an hour and if she hears a single squeak, there she is!

Lightening, not exactly living up to his name in this sleepy pic!

Here's Pilchard, the beautiful silver tabby..

The Quads, Lightening has his arm round his brothers shoulders! The lads like to stick together!
Gabby thinks it's more comfy to sleep on top of her twin brother Lightening!
Little Gabriella, sweet, sleepy and oh so pretty.
Our stunning King (leader of the pack!) King already has a Mummy waiting for him!

2 week pictures to come................................

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