Tuesday, 24 April 2007

We are 7 weeks old already!

All action shots again! The kittens are now just tiny cats and the house is over-run with them,everywhere you walk beware you don't tread on a tail or have someone launch a ful clawed attack on your ankles!! Today the kitchen was the 'in' place to play.....

Gotcha! One pounce and you're history!

Will I come out all clean and fluffy at 30 degrees?

They'll never find me under here!

Oh look, King is on the prowl! Now there's a surprise!

Pretty Gabby...:)

HIIIIIYA!!!! I am Ninjja Kitten extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!!

It's tiring work being this handsome. I shall lie here and sun my spotted belly.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I'm sitting on my brother! He'll never get up now, never I say!

Dreaming of Whiskas and mices.

Ha ha!! You really think the rest of this litter is as stunning as me? You're having a laugh!

I am cute and silver and lovely and butter wouldn't melt in my pretty little mouth.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

6 weeks!!!!

No individual shots this week as a) the Quads are getting too fiesty to sit still and pose for me and b) they are a bit boring!
Six weeks old!!! I can't believe they are so big already, but nor can I believe that some breeders let their kittens go this early!! The Quads are still babies, still having at least 6 feeds from their Mum a day and have just moved on to 3 pouches of food between the four of them. They need to be eating alot more and feeding from Pixie alot less before I'm ready to let them go! They've also not yet started playing with toys, climbing stairs, learnt their names and all the other things I think kittens should do before they're homed. I think we've proved that KippersKittens philosophy works as we've had many compliements on what wonderful cats last years litter were.

Here is Pilchard working on her slinky prowl...

The twins sleeping like a pair of bookends! They often do this and it's sooooo cute! If only I could keep them as a couple of homeware accessories!

King taking a quick drink when no one else is in the way!

Some individual ones of little Lightening, firstly because I know his humans read the blog regularly and will want to see him, and secondly, because I adore the little chap!! This cat ROCKS!!! This week Lightening has learnt his name and if he's in the mood, comes when he's called!! Very clever and very, very young for a kitten! He's clearly a genius!

And as she was posing so well, here's Pixie!!!

A tabby cat-nap!! Pilchard is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!!!

Ok, I'm awake now...

I LOVE this photo and I think Kings Mum will too!! I love the way he's got his arm around his sister!

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Belatedly....5 Week pics!

This little girl has stolen her Grandad's heart!! Gabby is a Grandaddys girl! She loves to lick him to make sure he's a clean, well groomed human, and then she settles on his chest for a cuddle. We'll be sad to see this baby girl go in 4 and a half weeks!

King is still the leader of the pack, ever watchful for an opportuinty to practice his pouncing and stalking skills but he also loves a cuddle!

Lightening is just such a cutie! His humans came to visit him this week and he loved it. He still loves having his tummy tickled and loves to be stroked. He thought his new children were great, he's always wanted a pet human!

Pilchard found her appetite this week! YAY!! We were worried about her refusing food, but a little more confidence around the bowl found her digging in with the others.

What are we watching? It's too early for Wimbledon isnt' it?

Dog basket??? What dog!! This is our comfy spot for snoozing!

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Feeding frenzy!

I think poor Pixie looks a little bit mobbed!!! I loved the way they were all sprawled over her so had to grab these few shots!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Yum!! What's this??

Today I realised that as the Quads were 4 weeks old it was about time they started on solid food. The twins, Lightening and Gabby took to it like well......kittens to kitten food! They dove right in and ate and ate and ate and ate!! Lightening came and ate, then left, then came and ate some more, but Little Miss Pilchard point blank refused. She stuck her paw in the bowl and then shook it furiously as she didn't want mucky paws!! She's not even sniffed it, never mind eaten any. Last year their half sister Poorly refused to eat for weeks so we're used to food refusing kittys around here.

Ed is very proud of the kittens for eating their tea so nicely!

4 kittens are 4 weeks old!!!!!

My name is Lightening the cutieful and I am terribly, terribly cute!!
My eye is all better and I am having fun being out of the box and exploring.King is on the prowl again!!! I could NOT get a pic of this little scamp head on!!! Look at me smiling!! I have a real catty grin already.
Gabby is experimenting with what happens when you get too close to the edge of the sofa! Thank goodness for claws which stop you falling off the edge!
I spy with my little eyes....something worth pouncing on!
Pilchard is also enjoying getting to grips with the big wide world, she's usually found with her sister Gabby!
What a serious face! Does this mean that we've got a mouser in our midst?