Friday, 28 December 2007

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii its Boxing Day!

Play ball!! I am proud to say I'm the only person in the family to get a home run in Wii baseball!

Hey batter batter batter!!

Christmas DAY!!

A flurry of wrapping paper as the trio tear into their pressies!

Tween trying to look cool but actually looking less than impressed with his new phone!

Our wonderful Christmas dinner!!! Thanks to Tizzy for her culinary excellence, including, 9 different vegetables!! (Even if we did forget the sprouts and leave them in the microwave!!)
Chefs expression showing how he feels about a Christmas dinner he didn't have to cook! I'm impressed we got 7 around the table!

Twas the Night before Christmas.

Father Christmas's festive lager and mince pie (cleverly wrapped in cling film by Ed so he could take it with him in his sleigh if he was too busy to stop and eat it)
Smarties as always for Rudolph and a carrot for the other reindeer!

These are supposed to be the serious photos....oh dear...

Ah yes, Tween with stocking on head... it's a Christmas eve thang..
Festive fringe

Infant Nativity

As with last year, there is a DVD if anyone wants a giggle!
Yet more blobs to hide the faces of other children.
Introducing Shepherd Bean and chums!

Shepherd Bean celebrating the birth of Jesus! (I never knew shepherds wore plimsoles!)

End of term ballet performance

You can call this pic blurry and crap or blurry and artistic... I'm going with the latter for the sake of my pride.

Yet again, child protection blobs!

Behold, the tree!

Our wonderful 70's woolly nativity scene (with slight dog damage!)

The stocking was hung by the fan heater with care...

Just a small subtle tree for us.....

Its full floor to ceiling glory

Christmas cookies and crafts!

First weekend in December Ed and Lol did their annual Christmas cookie baking and made some ornaments.
Ed concentrating very hard

Good icing squeezing Lolly!

Making stained glass ornaments that made the kitchen stink when baked!

Methodist church fair Choir singing

In the first week of December Ed's school choir were asked to sing at the Methodist church in town.
Quite a lovely church, I like the banners!

Blobs for childprotection etc etc.....

The church's tree!

Their stunning illuminated cross

Brownie Nativity play

King Eddo!

It's amazing what you can do with some cardboard and tinfoil and a pair of Primark Pjs!

Crown re-adjustment