Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Nifty Fifty!

The Chef has recently turned 50 (as I keep telling him, he doesn't look a day over 49). He's not amused by being 50 but still a surprise 50th was hastily cobbled together for him. A huge thank you to N and N who gave up alot of time while not on shift to sort it all out.
This is the look on his face when he was brought in......yup....I think he was surprised.

And here is me, not looking surprised but slightly goofy. I'm sure I shouldn't, but I actually quite like this pic!!

Still confused and still in his whites...

Hurrah! We got him changed in time for cake!

My career as a 'pap' is clearly not going to work, so thanks to DM who took the ones you see here.

And here are various pics of the kids (and L and M) enjoying themselves.

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