Friday, 7 May 2010

Teen gets even OLDER!

As always it's a task to get the teen to be in the bosom of his family long enough to have pictures taken and the pressies were ripped into long before I woke up, so here, are the cake shots! Chocolate marzipan cake made by his Oma...serious death by sugar! Mmmmmmmmmm


Easter Hols trip to Pizza Hut!

Chef Eddo inspects the spag bol....

Blurry hand drinking Bean!
Teen shows his maturity by dilligently filling in the crossword in the kids menu leaflet.......

Birthday Bash!

And as always Blogger puts all the pictures in upside down..... but here, if you scroll from the bottom up is Eddo and chums enjoying the cinema and then a slap up meal at the Hungry Horse, complete with the worlds largest dessert.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

My Big girl is 11!!!!


A gazillion fairy cakes ready to take to school for her friends..

Opening her enormous pile of books, dvds and clothes!

It seems there's only one girls age 11 card available in the shops whether you live in Oxfordshire or Cumbria!

Wooo!! New DVD player for all those Little House Marathons!

Young lady...

With little bro and her lush cake

The cutest pressie ever! Fenella the owl from Oma

Make a wish. Teen is wishing the whole cake was his!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!!

My poor bay tree!!

All ready to go out first thing in the morning!

I can haz come insides now? I no lieks the whites stuffs...ees cold!

The old hand (tough pawed) matriarch has no such problem with the snow!

Nappy sacks make very good glove protectors!

'Road' testing my newly knitted 'Hoot' mittens in the snow! I think they liked it!

Whoops! Snow is slippery!

Being on crutches in the snow is fun....ish....

The teen was lured from his technology lair with the promise of being able to bombard his little brother and sister with snow balls....awwww sibling love....

Aiming at the teenager....

Snow angel, making a snow angel!

Snow pets!

It started snowing again as Eds hair can testify!