Friday, 10 August 2007

Swimming with church! Chilly but fun!

Originally cancelled when the floods hit the Shire our church's outing to the Lido went ahead on Monday, which was actually a boon for us as it meant Daddy could come too!
Here is my waterbeanie!

Ed didn't let anyone else near this float all night!

Tween and a red sausagey floaty thing...

Peekaboo! I see Eddo!

Time to get out..

It's COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very cold and tired!

Mummy got in a photo at last! Ed and I are quite pleased with our 'arms reach' effort!
I was the first Mummy to get in the pool, one of only 2 who were brave enough! But I soon got out!

Snuggled up under the picnic blanket!

Tween is the only one still in the water but his lips are starting to go blue!

Thank God we took a flask of coffee with us!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Summer comes to the Shire!!

Wow!! After the floods comes the sun and the summer arrived in the Shire!! Being a tweenager, Tween decided to forgo the pleasures of an afternoon in the sun for the internet, so the little 2 and I headed to the park and the paddling pool!!!
It's the Statue of LiberBeanie!

Bathing beauty!!

Definitely a model in the making!

Ice cream with toxic bubblegum syrup!! Mmmmmm (not!)