Tuesday, 27 March 2007

3 Weeks today!!! YAY!!!

Here's Princess Pilchard! I'd have thought of a more girlie pretty name if I'd realised what a gorgeous ball of fluff this little on would turn out to be!! I think she may be semi long haired as she's far fluffier than her siblings!! She's a sweetie and hopefully staying in the family as my Mum in Laws new baby!

Yes, I think this is my best side!

Gabby is looking sleepy! Now there's a surprise! Gabriella loves to snooze the day away and is spending less time learning to walk than her siblings! She's going to be a 'patch of sunlight' kinda girl.

This is my 'cute girl' look!

My name is King and I am the handsomest cat in the world. My new human Mummy came to see me again today and I like her alot! I didn't even cry when she picked me up. I'm leading the way in the wobbly walking and last night Granny let me try it on the big wide living room floor!

I'm practicing looking regal!

My eye is getting better!!!! Granny is bathing it every few hours and finally it's getting better!
I'm happy about that and despite being wiped with a paper towel all the time, I haven't let it put me off being touched by people and I'm a sucker for a tickled tummy!!!! I love Granny rubbing my belly and I roll over on to my back especially for her.

See how adorable I am?? Someone who wants to adopt me came to see me today, she needs to convince the man human that he wants me to come home, do you think he can possibly resist ME???

Here's some pics of us and Mummy!!! Mummy still washes us and feeds us and loves us to bits!! Soon Granny says we'll have to learn to eat food out of a bowl and leave poor Mummy alone becuase we're wearing her out. We don't get it, all we do is drink our lovely Mummy milk!

It's no wonder we are so cute with a Mummy this gorgeous!!!

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