Friday, 9 January 2009

I LOVE charity shops!

I went to my favourite charity shop today, actually to look for yarn or knitting books but instead found the motherload! Obviously a house clearance as the volume of knitting paraphernalia was immense.
Circular needles, stitch counter, stitch holders, and multitudinous crochet hooks.

The reject pile. These were all broken, without a partner or bent. They are currently in the recycling box but I think I may freecycle them or offer them back to the chazza shop in case they think they can sell them.

The keepers! A gazillion needles in all sizes including loads of double ended sock needles, 2 needle gauges and a 'delightful' floral bag to keep them all in! Thank God I have my Cath Kidston one from Mum for my more current needles and projects.

All this for a tenner! And considering I just spent £3.65 on a pair of needles at the local wool shop, this is a ruddy bargain!

More baby knits!

Another pregnant friend, more knitting! This time I decided to try ribbing for some pull on booties and the same hat pattern but with wooly yarn rather than the cotton. It's a pity you don't get the proper colour in these photos as it is gorgeous.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Snow (ish)

Baby knits!

My friend Gill's baby is due this week so I quickly learnt to knit properly and made these which I think are soooo cute!!!! We don't know if this is a boy or girl hence the white colour and relatively plain design but I may girlie these up a bit if I get a call to say to think pink in the next day or 2 before I get around to posting them!

Even more knitting!

My adorable little brown bag! Made with wool I bought for another project entirely but that turned out not to be suitable so in the absence of any other plan I knitted another bag. Pattern design my own, I guestimated sizes and aimed to make it the right size to take my script. The flowers were made with leftover yarn from the stripey bag!

Woohoo! The script fits!


Ok, so these are out of date order but I couldn't be bothered to delete all the more recent posts so I could put these in order and then put the other ones back on!
Here are a few from the Christingle service at church on Dec 21st.
Bean a trifle scared of having a lit candle in his hands!

The christingle

Starting to look a bit happier!

Even the teen comes to church when there are free oranges and sweeties in the offing!

Candle lit Eddo

The kids are wearing the waistcoats Irene made all the sparks for them to wear when doing their reading and solos. Ed and Bean did a duet of the song they did with choir 'Noel' and were fantastic and not remotely frightened of singing in front of a packed church.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Finished knits!

The finished garish stripey bag! Now it's done I'm not sure what I'll use it for, if at all but Hurrah! It's finished!

Pet'es new scarf! Huge and chunky and only took 1 episode of Jonathan Creek to knit! Fabulous!

Eden's first ever piece of knitting!!! Not bad for a beginner eh?