Monday, 1 January 2007

How many Z-beds can you fit in one hotel room?

A few pics of the kids enjoying their stay at the hotel for NYE.
Here is Ed demonstrating her 'pack light' method of going away for a night! All I need is my pjs, clean clothes, tooth brush, 3 books, Nintendo, 5 cuddly toys, 6 Sylvanians, 4 Littlest Petshop characters.....

She had the last laugh when at 2am Bean called out "I forgot to bring something to cuddle"

and she was responsible for saving the day!

Tweenager, wasn't feeling very well so was pleased to crash out on the z-bed which was pronounced most comfy!

This is the same Tweenager who at midnight was quaffing champagne and letting off party poppers!

Beanie showing that it isn't just John Travolta with all the right moves!!!