Wednesday, 7 March 2007


A big congratulations to Pixie who is a Mummy cat again!! Born Tuesday March 6th 2007 after a labour induced my human Mummy rubbing her tummy all afternoon!! It was a rougher ride this time, but all 4 beautiful babies are fine and Pix is again a wonderful loving, attentive mother.
At 3:20pm the first baby, a white/silver tabby mix was born. A little girl named Gabriella (named by Ed). She gave her Mummy alot of bother and was our poorly one this time. She's the quietest of the 4 so far.
At 3:40pm her brother King was born (named by Bean) a black tabby like his older half brother Tabby.
At 4:08pm another silver tabby/white almost identical to Gabby, but with a white streak on his head. He is called Lightening (named by Tween) and is the fiestiest of the bunch, always climbing over his siblings to get the best spot at feeding time.
At 4:30 when we thought it was all over, the 4th baby suddenly appeared! Another silver tabby, just like her half sister Misty, Pilchard (named by me) is a stunning little kitten. She's a quiet little girl who loves cuddles from her Mum.

The first 3, when we thought that 3 was all there was!

A very tired Mummy getting to grips with feeding a brood again.

2 little bums, Gabby and King having their first feed.

Gabby just as she'd been born.

The quads today, fluffed up and clean and feeding happily.

Pix is still shocked by the camera attention..

King age 1 day.

Lightening age 1 day.

Pilchard 1 day old, note the perfect tabby 'M' on her forehead. Pixie makes perfect tabbies!

A very cross Gabriella age 1 day.

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