Friday, 7 May 2010

Teen gets even OLDER!

As always it's a task to get the teen to be in the bosom of his family long enough to have pictures taken and the pressies were ripped into long before I woke up, so here, are the cake shots! Chocolate marzipan cake made by his Oma...serious death by sugar! Mmmmmmmmmm


Easter Hols trip to Pizza Hut!

Chef Eddo inspects the spag bol....

Blurry hand drinking Bean!
Teen shows his maturity by dilligently filling in the crossword in the kids menu leaflet.......

Birthday Bash!

And as always Blogger puts all the pictures in upside down..... but here, if you scroll from the bottom up is Eddo and chums enjoying the cinema and then a slap up meal at the Hungry Horse, complete with the worlds largest dessert.