Friday, 9 February 2007

SNOW Glorious SNOW!!

Not alot makes me more excited than snow!! This week has been the best I've seen since 1996 when Tweenager was a mere baby and was towed along on a plastic sledge!
Yesterday I awoke to find everything under a lovely blanket of snow, 10cms I'm told and it was still snowing! I went to work, thinking that if my bus was running, then schools would be open...wrong!! Halfway through my journey over half the schools in the County had announced on the radio that they were shutting, but not my lots.
I got to work and tried to get the local radios website to work so I could see if they were on the list which was growing by the second, but it had crashed! Got Tweens school website up and his school was closed, so rang Chef to tell him to take him to work with him.
Not 15mns later but Chef called to say a neighbour had called the little 2's school and it was closed as well. So, back out into the snow and this time a longer wait for a bus and a rather more hairy journey and I arrived home.
Once home I spent the whole day drying coats, hats and gloves on the radiators and putting frozen children in the bath to defrost!
This morning I thought as it had melted away to a degree and no more snow was forecast that I'd go to school and 10mns into my bus ride Tweens school was cancelled (ARGH!!) got to work, checked the radio website and there weren't that many schools listed on there, so I decided to ring the school myself... lo and behold they are closed!!! Soooooo, back I go on the bus........
Now don't get me wrong, parental leave is a fabulous thing and the time at home was most welcome but I'd rather have started both days by having a lie in rather than waking at my usual 5:30-45am and then schlepping into work and back!!!
The icing on the cake, was that the weather men got it totally wrong and the promised "Clear day, chance of sleet later" turned out to be snow fall from 10am to 3pm!! It didn't settle well, but was lovely to watch and stopped yesterdays from melting away.
Here are some pics of the kids and Eds mate Dodo playing at Daddy's work!