Saturday, 24 March 2007

2 weeks old!!!

These were taken Tuesday March 20th.

Jeepers Creepers! Where'd I get these peepers??? King was the first to open his eyes, only 9 days old and he stared at me when I picked him up to kiss him goodnight one evening. I near dropped the poor thing in fright when I saw those big blue eyes gleaming back at me!! He gave me his scariest hiss, but alas, it wasn't that scary for an experience cat Granny like me. I think the dog was a bit scared though!

"Who me? I'm the prettiest girl? You think so?" If she could, Pilchard would use her eyesight to stare into mirrors, she's a girlie girl and no mistake! Now who could resist that face?

Why are mine the last to open? Poor Gabby, her eyes didn't fully open as quickly as the others, in fact, I've noticed this time (I can't remember from last time) that the ones with white faces are having more trouble getting their eyes open and keeping them clean..
Gabby is also looking ticked off, as she's not a huge fan of having her photo taken at the best of times!

Poor little Lightening. His eye is a bit dirty! Granny is now on eyewash duty armed with some cooled boiled water and Aunty Cate on the phone for advice. Luckily Cate says it's very common and should clear up after a few days of being bathed regularly.

We still love to snuggle up at nap time..

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