Saturday, 30 December 2006

Bye Bye 2006

It's at this time of year that I usually sit and think about what I did or didnt like about the past year, and what I want from the year ahead. It's funny, there's not a hell of alot to say about 2006. It opened with us thinking about putting the house on the market and moving, and it closes with me sitting in this gorgeous lounge, wearing only a long sleeve tshirt and jeans thanks to the wonders of central heating. What more can I say? The year we left 6JP and the filth and cold and constant worry about it falling to the ground and moved to this comparative palace. I can't think of anything else that happened this year, other than this, and while it was a horrible process, I wouldn't take a second of it back.
So my list

Good things
  • Moving house

Bad things

  • Leaving home, while I don't miss the village anywhere near as much as I thought i would, it is very, very wierd and getting back for whatever reason, is a kerfuffle as we say in Hbz (allegedly)
  • Mum and Dad leaving. Big up to them for doing what they've wanted to do for a long time, and it's great to see them so happy. It's just again, very odd not having them down the road, and thinking that we may end up only seeing them once a year or some years.. maybe not even that.

Work for both Chef and I fits into neither category. While we are lucky to have jobs, and mine is going pretty well, I'd rather not work and I'd rather Chef had his own restaurant! Who knows what the new year brings for him. For me, it's more of the same, but hopefully getting easier as time goes on. My New Years wish, as it's always been is a lottery win! Now that, would be quite splendid!

How to not drink on the biggest drinking night of the year.

So, 2006 is nearly over! Tomorrow sees us trekking over to the hotel for NYE frolics. My first New Years as a non drinker...bluergh. If I was doing it by choice I'd be at least vaugely impressed with myself but having it thrust upon me was not one of my life choices! First off, you get very tired. It's actually quite boring sitting in a pub sober. By 10pm I'm ready for my bed, or at least a comfy sofa, cup of coffee and a book... Secondly, everyone thinks you're some born again 12 stepper and treats you accordingly (see how I could have put 'leper' in that sentence and made it rhyme?? But didn't). If one more person says "Oh that's don't drink......" and then backs away slowly I will scream. Thirdly, there is bog all for a non drinker to drink! As much as I love Coke there's only so much of the stuff I can pour down my neck in one evening. Fruit juice is served in such thimblesque proportions it costs a fortune, and on New Years you can't keep running to the bar every 5mns for more. And water, well... it's water isn't it???
I thought I had hit upon a soloution when I found my new local sold a non-alcoholic lager that tasted like...get this....lager! But y'know? Who wants to spend £2 on half a pint of fake lager! Really? Can I actually spend my hard earned on some pseudo beverage? It somehow sticks in the throat of this once battle ready pisshead.
I must remain focussed, think of the morning after and the lack of hangover. Think of all the crap I won't talk, all the people I won't randonly hug, the fights I won't get involved in and the parts of my body I will not flash, and accept that I am indeed old. Old and boring and a wearer of slippers.
Make mine a pint of water and don't skimp on the ice and lemon!!

Friday, 29 December 2006

Twas the night before Christmas

Here are the smalls in their annual pose with stockings on Christmas Eve.
As you can see the stockings are vast, and as it was me who made them, I apparently only have myself to blame. Give me a minute and I'm sure I'll think of someone to take it for me! The fat bloke with the white beard looks like a good starting point! Here at chez Kipper we do nothing by halves and whats Christmas without festively huge hosiery?

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School daze..

And the little princess too! Looking very grown up and for all the world like the Petit Filous girl. I'm still reeling from how old she looks in photos now, all long nose and high forehead. Blimey, with facial features like that Jane Austen would have had a field day! "The shape of the face the line of the mouth..."

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While I'm on the subject of first day of school photos, may as well put them all on!
Here is the Bean! As you can see, the Bean has his own sense of humour and even if you don't get it, you usually end up laughing along. I love this first pic! Reminds me of the Batman one (its in my album which is linked from the sidebar) I took when he was 4. Seems fisheye photography suits him!
His hair has grown back to slightly more Beanieish proportions now. I'm not sure I ever quite liked the cutesie short back and sides thing. As always, digging the tie though.

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Just when I thought I had no photos of my first born, what do I dig out but these. Taken in Sept on the first day of secondary school.
Anyway, here's the handsomest 11yr old in Oxon. Where DID those 11 years go??
I still can't quite get my head round having a 'baby' who'll be shaving soon!
Oh and aren't you just drooling over the greeness of the garden in the background?? Suuuuuuummmmmmer!!
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Testing 4,5,6

Hmmm so last time it didn't publish on it's own. I have played about and the best I can see it, this one will indeed publish itself!!
Here goes.....takes deep breath.....

Testing 1,2,3

Just seeing if it is indeed possible to blog via email! If it is, that's hella cool. If it's not, que sera.
Here goes nothing!!!

Have bow tie will travel

Here for your viewing pleasure... the Bean in a bow tie. He was inordinately proud of this fashion accessory! He was in the 'orchestra' for the infant nativity play. This involved much banging on woodblocks, clashing of cymbals and other delights and to be honest, he was really good at it! Much better than ending up as a sheep or like some of his poor male chums, an angel! He was most sad to see the bow go and his old school tie come back.
For those of you who actually know me IRL, there is a DVD of this play should you fancy a giggle!
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O' Christmas tree

Oh go on then! It's been taken down now, did it yesterday
but I couldn't not put a picture of my tree 'out there' for the
world to see. It was rather gigantic and put me in mind of
Narnia, the way this huge forest type tree was suddenly rising
from my lounge floor. Excuse the fuzziness, its from my cellphone
and I think the first really poor quality pic the phone has taken.
So, I give you.....The Kipper family Christmas tree 2006.
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An oldie but goodie..

This is a post from my old, now largly ignored blog which I liked and wanted to save. It shouldn't look too out of place here, as long as it works!

My first attempt at adding a photo to this, so fingers, legs, toes, arms and anything else crossed if you please.

I adore this photo, taken by the even talented Jan Kaddouri, photographer extraordinaire!!
Just as a quick plug here's a link to her (and her hubby Beder's) site!

This is, as it says, Ed and Beanie earlier this month. I'd love to scan in the other 2 photos that Jan gave me, but the scanners packed up and I've blown enough fuses over that, so we won't go there!!

I know every mother is biased, but seriously, aren't my kids gorgeous???

Black is the colour..

What better way to start my new black blog than with a picture of Ed looking all too gorgeous in black. Is it right that a 7 year old looks this good in black? Who am I kidding, the little weed would look good in a binbag (hmm they are black too) jealous? Moi? Nope, I've found, if you can't be gorgeous yourself it's always wise to have an exceptionally pretty daughter.
This was taken at her end of term ballet performance where she (obviously) danced amazingly!

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