Thursday, 29 March 2007

Out of the Box!!!

Lightening says "Look! My eye is all better!! And just in time for me to explore!"


King is already working on his prowl.

Hmmm, whats Grandad doing with that piece of string? Are we supposed to catch it?

"I'll go this way, you go that way and we'll head em off at the pass..."

Looking shocked, but still stunning!

Girlie chat time for Gabby and Pilchard.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

It's nearly Easter!

It was Easter bonnet parade day at school today and I was amazed that Bean was keen to take part. Then again, I think I scored major points by finding him a cowboy style 'bonnet'!!!
You can't actually see the decoration on the bonnet as it's all on the brim, so I'll try and take some close ups, but here he is parading for the parents in the playground.
It was a gorgeous day, coats off it was so warm and the school laid on free Easter nest cakes and squash for the kids, and 20p cups of coffee for the parents! Splendid. It was a great way to spend the afternoon school pick up.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

3 Weeks today!!! YAY!!!

Here's Princess Pilchard! I'd have thought of a more girlie pretty name if I'd realised what a gorgeous ball of fluff this little on would turn out to be!! I think she may be semi long haired as she's far fluffier than her siblings!! She's a sweetie and hopefully staying in the family as my Mum in Laws new baby!

Yes, I think this is my best side!

Gabby is looking sleepy! Now there's a surprise! Gabriella loves to snooze the day away and is spending less time learning to walk than her siblings! She's going to be a 'patch of sunlight' kinda girl.

This is my 'cute girl' look!

My name is King and I am the handsomest cat in the world. My new human Mummy came to see me again today and I like her alot! I didn't even cry when she picked me up. I'm leading the way in the wobbly walking and last night Granny let me try it on the big wide living room floor!

I'm practicing looking regal!

My eye is getting better!!!! Granny is bathing it every few hours and finally it's getting better!
I'm happy about that and despite being wiped with a paper towel all the time, I haven't let it put me off being touched by people and I'm a sucker for a tickled tummy!!!! I love Granny rubbing my belly and I roll over on to my back especially for her.

See how adorable I am?? Someone who wants to adopt me came to see me today, she needs to convince the man human that he wants me to come home, do you think he can possibly resist ME???

Here's some pics of us and Mummy!!! Mummy still washes us and feeds us and loves us to bits!! Soon Granny says we'll have to learn to eat food out of a bowl and leave poor Mummy alone becuase we're wearing her out. We don't get it, all we do is drink our lovely Mummy milk!

It's no wonder we are so cute with a Mummy this gorgeous!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

2 weeks old!!!

These were taken Tuesday March 20th.

Jeepers Creepers! Where'd I get these peepers??? King was the first to open his eyes, only 9 days old and he stared at me when I picked him up to kiss him goodnight one evening. I near dropped the poor thing in fright when I saw those big blue eyes gleaming back at me!! He gave me his scariest hiss, but alas, it wasn't that scary for an experience cat Granny like me. I think the dog was a bit scared though!

"Who me? I'm the prettiest girl? You think so?" If she could, Pilchard would use her eyesight to stare into mirrors, she's a girlie girl and no mistake! Now who could resist that face?

Why are mine the last to open? Poor Gabby, her eyes didn't fully open as quickly as the others, in fact, I've noticed this time (I can't remember from last time) that the ones with white faces are having more trouble getting their eyes open and keeping them clean..
Gabby is also looking ticked off, as she's not a huge fan of having her photo taken at the best of times!

Poor little Lightening. His eye is a bit dirty! Granny is now on eyewash duty armed with some cooled boiled water and Aunty Cate on the phone for advice. Luckily Cate says it's very common and should clear up after a few days of being bathed regularly.

We still love to snuggle up at nap time..

Friday, 23 March 2007

A WEEK old!!!!

I took these on Tues 13th March, when the Quads were exactly a week old. They still have their eyes shut but are big and fluffy!! They are all growing well with big full tummys and a thin, hungry Mummy who is living proof of how much they are eating! She's still an adoring Mum and doesn't leave the box for more than an hour and if she hears a single squeak, there she is!

Lightening, not exactly living up to his name in this sleepy pic!

Here's Pilchard, the beautiful silver tabby..

The Quads, Lightening has his arm round his brothers shoulders! The lads like to stick together!
Gabby thinks it's more comfy to sleep on top of her twin brother Lightening!
Little Gabriella, sweet, sleepy and oh so pretty.
Our stunning King (leader of the pack!) King already has a Mummy waiting for him!

2 week pictures to come................................

Wednesday, 7 March 2007


A big congratulations to Pixie who is a Mummy cat again!! Born Tuesday March 6th 2007 after a labour induced my human Mummy rubbing her tummy all afternoon!! It was a rougher ride this time, but all 4 beautiful babies are fine and Pix is again a wonderful loving, attentive mother.
At 3:20pm the first baby, a white/silver tabby mix was born. A little girl named Gabriella (named by Ed). She gave her Mummy alot of bother and was our poorly one this time. She's the quietest of the 4 so far.
At 3:40pm her brother King was born (named by Bean) a black tabby like his older half brother Tabby.
At 4:08pm another silver tabby/white almost identical to Gabby, but with a white streak on his head. He is called Lightening (named by Tween) and is the fiestiest of the bunch, always climbing over his siblings to get the best spot at feeding time.
At 4:30 when we thought it was all over, the 4th baby suddenly appeared! Another silver tabby, just like her half sister Misty, Pilchard (named by me) is a stunning little kitten. She's a quiet little girl who loves cuddles from her Mum.

The first 3, when we thought that 3 was all there was!

A very tired Mummy getting to grips with feeding a brood again.

2 little bums, Gabby and King having their first feed.

Gabby just as she'd been born.

The quads today, fluffed up and clean and feeding happily.

Pix is still shocked by the camera attention..

King age 1 day.

Lightening age 1 day.

Pilchard 1 day old, note the perfect tabby 'M' on her forehead. Pixie makes perfect tabbies!

A very cross Gabriella age 1 day.

Additional B'day pics!

It's a classic Dodo pose!!!! *Slurp slurp*

Me and 2 very scary looking men!!

As you can see Tween and Teen took the party very seriously..

I think someone was happy on the dancefloor.

I lovely pic of G and L.

A strange pic of the 2 boys.

Beautiful Bean.

These 2 really ought to carry a health warning when they are together!

I need to do the red eye treatment on this one...oops!

Tween and Nat making sure that no ghastly pop music ended up on the decks.

The dream team from the kitchen!! What a motley bunch.

Same to you L!