Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The white stuff?

While seemingly EVERYONE in the entire UK except us had lovely great big dollops of snow we had a dusting of ice that looked like icing sugar or baby powder but less sweet and fragrant.

Never tell my daughter 'no'. After Daddy and I told her that our pathetic attempts at 'snow' were not for playing with she hotly disagreed. We left to go food shopping and came back to find her with this.... snow castles!! Apparently the best thing when you can't build a snowman!

Beanie tried to do a snow angel but pathetic snow did not oblige so big bro drew him one!

Signed by the angel owner!

End of Term church service

It being Ed's final year her recorder group opened the service by playing carols! Fab!

Last day of term at the Bush

Freezing cold last day of term, plans to go to tea and a movie scuppered by friends illness etc so we did what all sane people do in such situations! We went to the pub to wait for Daddy and eat chips!!! Mmmm chips!

This years tree...