Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Feast!

Just a few, as I was too busy trying to make sure I didn't lost a child or have my handbag dipped (can you tell I just lurve fairs...) to take pictures!
Bean on the helterskelter!

Tween on a GHASTLY, scary and downright dangerous looking ride. He spent the whole time turning yellow and looking like he was going to be sick but apparently enjoyed it. I couldnt watch and won't watch next year as I think my life expectancy has been shortened.

Ed in something much more sedate and sensible! Snow Whites house which has a slide hidden in the middle of it!!

Me and Tween on the log flume!! There is something very, very odd about a log flume in the middle of your local park but it was ace!! Made me want to go to Valley Fair again and go on theirs in the Minnesotan sunshine! Not the best of pics as Chef's never used the camera before!

Happy birthday Church!

It was our churches birthday last weekend, cunningly, it was actually on MY birthday!! :)
Here are a few pics of the smalls enjoying the bouncy castle, face painting and the like!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Back to school!!!

It's that wonderful time of year again when small people trot gaily back into their classrooms and Mums flump on to their sofa in exhaustion to contemplate the extra cleaning that needs doing now they've gone back.
Here are the little 2, years 4 and 2 respectively..

And here is the 'Too cool for school' Tweenager
who is no longer a little fish in a big pond,but
more of a medium sized fish now he's a Yr 8.

Tidier hair, but the silly fring remains much to his Father's

Off to Silloth go we...

It was that time of year again and off we all toddled up the M6 to Cumbria!! There are a few hundred photos so here are a few, all of which, if you click, will send you to the album containing all of the holiday photos! Enjoy!


My friend beat me in the 'Buy a naff off trampoline' stakes, so here's Ed and Bean with their friend Hannie Annie bouncing on her new 10ft monster!!! Yes, the pics are a bit funny as they are taken through safety mesh!