Monday, 18 June 2007

Down by the Riverside...

Just a few snaps of us at the Riverside this year! Check out the menacing clouds in the background!! Thankfully it held off for most of the weekend.


Ed practicing her new skill, plate spinning!

A happy Bean with one of his packet of balloons!

Ta da!!

Yes, she can even do it on one leg!

A lesser spotted Daddy, off work on a WEEKEND??!!

And even on her finger......

Thanks to Dan for taking a photo with me in it for once!

2nd stage with cool arty structure!

Tween and his cool new glasses..

Bean is expecting a baby balloon!

And on the Sunday
Hmmmm, not as good as I could cook...

Engrossed in her new bubble blower.

Worshipping at the altar of caffiene and additives.

Checking out the instructions of the aforementioned bubble blower..

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Summers here!!

It was a rare day today as all three children decided not only to play together but to actually stay at home in the garden rather than disappearing off somewhere!! So I had to get the camera out to record the event!
(To see any of the photos in a larger size, just click on them!!)

My daughter the poseur!

All three of 'em!

Surfer Dude'ette

Still my crazy Bean!!!

I love this one!

Tween and I like to call these "Emo on a swingset" kind of like Air on a G string but without the violins....