Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Sports Day!

The kids school managed half a sports day today before a thunderstorm came along and stopped it! Poor Ed fell over on her first 'activity' (it was one of thae non competative jobbies) and had to be taken into infants for first aid (ice in a tea towel to the chin!)
Luckily she soon bounced back and had fun!

Bean LOVES sports, so this was his idea of heaven!

Approaching the hurdles....

FLYING over the hurdle!! I think it was a wee bit too low for our Bean!

About to take a penalty shot..psyching herself while waiting for the ball

Bean 'relaying'!

Very tired Bean at the orange squash break...3o seconds before the heavens opened!
Ed crawling under a giant pipecleaner thingumy..
Balancing on a very wet and slippery bench.. this was 'Xtreme Sports Day'
Showing how Miss F's high knees ballet skipping helps in hurdling.
Oops! She hurdled too quickly for the camera!

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