Tuesday, 17 July 2007


It was the local carnival on Saturday so the little 2 and I braved the wind and clouds and went for a wander. It was a lovely day if a bit blustery and expensive!
Here Ed decided that she wasn't too old to go on the ladybugs... who am I to argue?
Note the gorgeous face painting courtesy of our new church!

Bean shows his 'tattoo'. He's not a fan on facepainting so went for some arm painting!

How do you tie Skubidoos again?

The petting zoo was a big hit! Here's a cute ickle pony..

Ed gets up close and personal with a sheep!

I'm a butterfly!

I want a pet cow now!

Bean says I can't have a pet cow... here is his reaction to the smell!

Next the kids took a ride on the Smiley Train while trolley and I stood and waited.
Here they come..
Getting closer..


Bean looking very unsure at the Morris dancing. That's my boy!
Sadly Ed was quite enthralled by the strange women in clogs and bells.... oh dear...

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