Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A new home and a new name!

today we said farewell to Pilchard who was off to be a birthday present!! She isn't going far, to some friends after all and is the familys first kitty so we wish them well and lots of luck!! She's a perfect cat to start with, sweet, cuddly and with a LOUD purr and the 2 birthday children will be so happy to see her I'm sure!
Pilch also has a new name!! How exciting! To match her perfect tabby M on her head she is now Molly!!!! So here's Molly and Gabby having a last cuddle.

A little blurry, but I loved this pose!! Molly using Gabby as a cushion and sitting right on top of her!! How Gabs managed to sleep through that I'll never know!!!

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