Wednesday, 23 May 2007

May is here!

The little 2's school has an annual May dancing afternoon and we all thoroghly enjoyed it! The weather was stunning to the point where poor Daddy got sunburnt!
These photos were taken on mine and my friend K's phones, hence some are a bit blurry! Thanks to K for taking pics of my kids while taking pics of her own and thanks to L who took me some 'hard copy' photos which are gorgeous! (Now I need to get a new scanner!)
The general scene!

In the middle of the pic (curse my lack of zoom lense) is Bean and his friend L who were the representatives of Yr1 giving their posys of flowers to the May Queen. He was very proud and so was I!

Bean and L skipping back!

More skipping!

Excuse all the blobs, but with child protection issues I decided to make all the other children unidentifiable. Here's Ed looking thrilled to be being photographed.

Bean and his other partner K coming in to the field.

Bean and K.

Here comes year 3/4 and Ed and her partner!

Bean and K.

Way to hide behind a bunch of flowers Bean!! It was funny as we were all calling him and he was oblivious until K told him, turned him around and made him smile for us, bless that girl, she'll go far!

Ed and partner getting dizzy!

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