Monday, 2 April 2007

In which Mum and Tween go to Cumbria....

As it was the birthday of the Tween he and I trotted gaily off to Cumbria to see Granny and Grampy. I am in fact posting this from there thanks to the joys of wireless broadband.
Here is Tween showing that Virgin trains are a good place to read Kerrang..

Tween looking unamused at the suggestion that he smile sweetly for the camera..

Showing the love of the trolley. Trolley was, as always a faithful assistant and loved seeing the big wide world.
On Monday we took a trip on the Ullswater steamer. It was a beautiful day and after all my whining at Tween to take a coat, he didn't need it.

Afterwards we climbed up to Aira Force (the water fall)
It was a lovely walk and the falls were stunning.

On the walk back from the falls we found this fallen tree with 'things' sticking in it. It transpired that they were coins which someone had quite deliberately hammered into it....
Very cool, but rather odd.

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