Saturday, 14 April 2007

Belatedly....5 Week pics!

This little girl has stolen her Grandad's heart!! Gabby is a Grandaddys girl! She loves to lick him to make sure he's a clean, well groomed human, and then she settles on his chest for a cuddle. We'll be sad to see this baby girl go in 4 and a half weeks!

King is still the leader of the pack, ever watchful for an opportuinty to practice his pouncing and stalking skills but he also loves a cuddle!

Lightening is just such a cutie! His humans came to visit him this week and he loved it. He still loves having his tummy tickled and loves to be stroked. He thought his new children were great, he's always wanted a pet human!

Pilchard found her appetite this week! YAY!! We were worried about her refusing food, but a little more confidence around the bowl found her digging in with the others.

What are we watching? It's too early for Wimbledon isnt' it?

Dog basket??? What dog!! This is our comfy spot for snoozing!

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