Thursday, 5 April 2007

4 kittens are 4 weeks old!!!!!

My name is Lightening the cutieful and I am terribly, terribly cute!!
My eye is all better and I am having fun being out of the box and exploring.King is on the prowl again!!! I could NOT get a pic of this little scamp head on!!! Look at me smiling!! I have a real catty grin already.
Gabby is experimenting with what happens when you get too close to the edge of the sofa! Thank goodness for claws which stop you falling off the edge!
I spy with my little eyes....something worth pouncing on!
Pilchard is also enjoying getting to grips with the big wide world, she's usually found with her sister Gabby!
What a serious face! Does this mean that we've got a mouser in our midst?

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