Friday, 29 December 2006

An oldie but goodie..

This is a post from my old, now largly ignored blog which I liked and wanted to save. It shouldn't look too out of place here, as long as it works!

My first attempt at adding a photo to this, so fingers, legs, toes, arms and anything else crossed if you please.

I adore this photo, taken by the even talented Jan Kaddouri, photographer extraordinaire!!
Just as a quick plug here's a link to her (and her hubby Beder's) site!

This is, as it says, Ed and Beanie earlier this month. I'd love to scan in the other 2 photos that Jan gave me, but the scanners packed up and I've blown enough fuses over that, so we won't go there!!

I know every mother is biased, but seriously, aren't my kids gorgeous???

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