Friday, 5 September 2008

Silloth 2008

Another year, another trip to Silloth... not many photos this year due to sad circumstances, bad weather and actually.... a total lack of any photo opportunity that wasn't utilised last year!

Eddo entering the fancy dress contest
Slight 'hitchy uppy' dress problems..

Chef shows that you don't need a cooker to make toast!

Mass production!
The tired little person did enjoy her toast, honestly!

Beanie getting ready for his morning ablutions!

Mmmm bobes.... tenty bobes.....

Trans -in tents al- meditation
Crashed out teen
Eddo bravely demonstrating that you can sunbathe on the Solway coast....

Mmmm money! Bean ready to spend, spend, spend in the arcade.
Kewl Dude
The first of many wins on the teddy grabbers!

Clearly Chef is having the time of his life..
Call DEFRA, there's a case of Blue Tongue in Cumbria!!!

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