Friday, 5 September 2008

Little Bump.. June-Aug 2008

This is the only proof that our baby Little Bump existed...2 positive tests and all our hopes and dreams.

I was 10 weeks 5 days pregnant when I went to hospital while on holiday as I'd had some 'spotting'. The scan showed that our baby had died some weeks before.
I have named our baby Aspen after the ward in Carlisle where I received the bad news,( I also some wonderful care from a registrar who's name I just wish I could remember. I'll never forget that moment but her kindness is part of what I'll always remember) .
These are some photos of the real Aspen in Colorado, such a beautiful, inspiring piece of the Lord's creation and I think it sums up what our child would have been.

RIP Little Bump, we all love you and miss you (even the cravings for yoghurt...)

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