Friday, 9 January 2009

I LOVE charity shops!

I went to my favourite charity shop today, actually to look for yarn or knitting books but instead found the motherload! Obviously a house clearance as the volume of knitting paraphernalia was immense.
Circular needles, stitch counter, stitch holders, and multitudinous crochet hooks.

The reject pile. These were all broken, without a partner or bent. They are currently in the recycling box but I think I may freecycle them or offer them back to the chazza shop in case they think they can sell them.

The keepers! A gazillion needles in all sizes including loads of double ended sock needles, 2 needle gauges and a 'delightful' floral bag to keep them all in! Thank God I have my Cath Kidston one from Mum for my more current needles and projects.

All this for a tenner! And considering I just spent £3.65 on a pair of needles at the local wool shop, this is a ruddy bargain!

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