Sunday, 10 February 2008

Eddo's Birthday!

My 'baby' girl is going to be 9!!!
The night before, all wrapped and ready to go!

Pink sparkly pressies!!

50 million fairy cakes ready to hand out at school!

JANUARY 29th 2008!!
Looking bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7am for once!

More earrings!

The jewellery box is a big hit!

Birthday brother!

Wearing her 'I am 9' badge just so no one forgets!

After school, wearing the dress from Granny over her school blouse.... not a look that'll catch on I hope..
Hmmm what shall I wish....

Still can't decide..

I wish to not set my hair on fire..

Big bro thinks "Just blow the ruddy things out and give me the cake"

PARTY DAY!!! Sat 2nd Feb
The gruesome threesome, Lol, Ed and Is.

3 cheeky monkeys as opposed to wise ones!

I managed to snap these before seeing the sign saying 'No photography allowed' Oops!
Ed found her friend J from school at the rink!

Lolly happy as she has a wall to cling to!

Tired and hungry after the skating

I shall save this rather unflattering photo of Ed to sell to the press when she's a famous super model.

Food and drink at last! And the party bag teddies have fun at Pizza Hut!

Roman soldier costume made out of a paper napkin, with knife spear!

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